Welcome to Junior High School of Eretria

Eretria Junior High School is taking part for the first time in the ERASMUS+ project called ?From raw material to final product:: A contribution to the curriculum development?. The coordinating school is the ?Theodor-Frank-Realschule Teningen? in Germany and our other partners are from Finland, Iceland, Spain and Italy.

As part of the project students are asked to research and design a product, identifying the type of raw materials used, considering sustainable design and documenting production processes as well as showing their understanding of environmental issues.

During the project students of our school will describe the procedure of winemaking while bringing the manufacturing experience to life. A lot of wineries are located in Eretria and its surroundings and our students will not only have the opportunity to describe the manufacturing of wine but also to experiment with raw materials and develop them into a final product.

Some of our educational objectives are stimulating curiosity in our students as well as creating skills while communicating in English. We also aim to challenge their abilities in order to explore Europe as a geographic and cultural unit and promote team spirit and awareness about various European issues.

We are getting warmed up in Iceland and then seven more visits ?including a welcoming one in Eretria- are taking place:




Eretria Junior High School is taking part in the ERASMUS+ project with the the following item:


«From the grape to wine»




Our partners school are:


?GERMANY: Theodor-Frank-Realshule Teningen


?FINLAND: Lahden Yhteiskoulun S??ti?


?ICELAND: Gardask?li


?SPAIN: Institut M?rius Torres


?ITALY: Instituto Professionale Statale per I Servizi Socio Sanitari De Lilla Bari






$1?  21-27 NOVEMBER 2015


First coordinators? meeting at Gardask?li school, in Gardabaer in Iceland.


$1?  18-25 FEBRUARY 2015


2 teachers / 5 students mobility to Lahden Yhteiskoulun S??ti?, in the city of Lahti in Finland.


$1?  12-18 MARS 2016


$1?  2 teachers / 6 students mobility to Theodor-Frank-Realshule Teningen, in Teningen, Germany.


$1?  17-23 APRIL 2016


$1?  2 teachers mobility in Gardask?li, in Gardabaer, Iceland.




$1?  We visited «Avantis Estate» winery and vineyard.


$1?  We pressed grapes school in, we observed alcoholic fermentation and how must is given its red colour, moreover we measured sugar content of must and tasted the grape juice (must).


$1?  We designed our programmes? blog with the help of our external partner Mr. D. Katsaounis.


$1?  We went to the street market and bought raisins, we made Must Cookies in the bakery and shot a video against alchoholism.


?  Students created the designs for the badges that are offered as presents and a map of Evia island wineries.


$1?  We took a tour along ?the Wine Roads? in the region of Nemea with the following stops:


·  Visit to Lazarides Wine Museum


·  VisittoStymphaliaEnvironmentalMuseum


·  Visit to SEMELI winery in Nemea


·  Visit to the Temple of Zeus and the archaeological museum of Nemea


·  Visit to the ?Vaulted tomb of Atreas?and the archaeological sites and museum of Mycenae


$1?  Our school?s educational team attended the event ?Open Doors? at «Lykos» and «Avantis» in order to inquire into the wine varieties and cosmetics from grape.






$1?  3-9 OCTOBER 2016


?  2 teachers / 5 students mobility to Lleida in Spain, at the Institut M?rius Torres.


$1?  19-26 NOVEMBER 2017


Our school hosts 8 teachers and 25 students from our partner schools. 


$1?  FEBRUARY 2017


$1?  2 teachers / 2 students mobility to Instituto Professionale Statale per I Servizi Socio Sanitari De Lilla Bari, Italy.


$1?  MAY 2017


$1?  2 teachers / 6 students mobility to Theodor-Frank-Realshule Teningen, in Teningen, Germany.




$1?  Visit to ?Lykos? winery and participation in the traditional method of wine pressing.


$1?  Visit to ?Lykos? winery of a group of students/teachers where we were informed about its marketing strategy.